Bringing Delicious Chinese Cuisine to Oban

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, the preparation of food is not only a craft, but an art form in itself. The two dominant philosophies of the Chinese culture and cuisine are Confucianism and Taoism, with each influencing the course of Chinese history and the development of the culinary arts. Confucianism concerns itself with the art of cooking and places great emphasis on the enjoyment of life. In Chinese Culture, food and friends are inseparable, and a gathering without food is considered incomplete.

We also believe in this age-old philosophy and have specifically designed Yu Wu to be a combination of both culinary delights and social enjoyment – a place where friends and family can enjoy the company of loved ones and a wide selection of classic and original dishes to suit a variety of tastes. We have combined ancient Sichuan, Hunan, Fujian and Cantonese recipes with fresh, local, Scottish produce to create the unique Yu Wu style.

Please view  our selection of appetisers, house favourites, vegetarian dishes, desserts, drinks and more in our menu. Not sure what to choose? Feel free to ask a member of our staff for recommendations you’ll be sure to enjoy…

Lunchtime Takeaways Now Available!*

*Available 12pm – 2pm daily.

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